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Almost all of my illustrations make it into a logo or some form of media, but some are usable across lots of platforms. Here are some types of illustrations that fit that bill and can be used in different instances.


These photos are from a exhibition that I formed around the idea of composite portraiture. These may look like ordinary photos, but the idea was to have the subject be doing something that they love, hate, or are just commonly found doing in their own life, but then doing that activity with themselves.


People are so often the subjects of photography. I’ll be posting portraits from my backlog here for the foreseeable future.


Really fun poster set I got to create when I was working at my internship. Nerf warfare was the big thing in the office, so I decided to come up with a slogan, Welcome to the Wild Mid-West. It even got into the news with the second shot. Making the prints nice and big worked really well with the tall ceilings in the office.


These are some live shots I’ve done over the years. As I find more from my past library I’ll post them up here.


Some of my favorite photos I’ve taken of Milwaukee, WI.


Everybody loves t-shirts! Here are some that I’ve done over the past couple of years. Out of anything I’ve ever done they’re probably some of the most fun to work on.